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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Had to Have Books

Yesterday's finds were all Had to Have Books
The end of last month was a little tough financially so
I decided to limit my spending but still scored a few bargains
 & didnt spend over $ 10 !

Here's what I got

Drawing Books for my young one !

DIY  Books 

Card Making & other cool magazines.
This was a job lot because they were going in the bin ...
Nooooooooooooo  !!!!!

 ...and some still had new stamps attached to the magazines


Madonna Style
What can I say ... I'm still a fan !
Gorgeous Gardening Hardcover

Spicery Cookbook  .....   I love the bright colours


Now the question is.... do I cook, garden, diy or craft today ?

So much reading ... so little time !!!

Ms   V x

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