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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Before Bed Bargains

Im about to toddle off to bed but before I do I wanted to share my latest bargain finds from Sunday's Flea Market.

I remember my younger brother having a little case just like this about 35 years ago.
If this is the same its in amazing condition for it's years.

So cute
I also grabbed these matching lampbases.
Perfect for my bedroom as the ones I had weren't a pair.
A quick project to repair the shades is needed as they were rather beaten up
which is why they arent attached

Faux Leather Lamps

I'm thinking I might try to utilise this yarn. It was only 
 a couple of  dollars and may be useful on the lamp shades somehow.

Yarn, Wooden Beads & Macrame bits
Also scored this cute little horse stool
originally from Ikea

More Tools and just look at the metal hammer & chisel ...
Made In England with adorable old wood handles
My new favourite Hammer 

but the clear winning bargain for the day before I head to bed
is this dollar magazine side table...

Ill be working on this in the morning

Potential ... Potential

Sweet Dreams to all my Blog friends

Ms  V  x

1 comment:

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Looking forward to seeing how you transform all your new treasures.