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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not so Oar-dinary !

A few weeks ago I bought a set of old oars from a local flea market for a couple of dollars. Actually they are probably correctly known as paddles being somewhat shorter than oars. I was fairly pleased when I realised they still had the original makers branding on them, but sadly on closer examination the branding was only on the surface varnish, which was well and truly peeling off and I didn't have the expertise to save it.
Luckily I came up with Plan B & I think it turned out really well thanks to a little decoupaging with my new favourite product Mod Podge.
This is the most brilliant product that allows you to glue, seal & finish your project all in one tub using almost anything, paper, wood, fabric ...
the possibilies are endless.
Mod Podge really does rock !



So the Oars are done ....

 Now I just need an old wooden boat & it will be

Smooth Sailing

Ms V x

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