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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What a Weekend !

Well what a great weekend for collecting cast offs.
I scoured a few roadside chuckouts and scored a few freebies.
These frames are amazing ... not fond of the fruit but the pictures will go
and the frames will be fabulous when I have finished with them ....


      I just love this bok choy vintage plate ..... 
     It astounds me what people consider as junk. 
     Not a crack or a chip. Perfect little piece.

     ... and it was Free !!

                        My Bargain of the Weekend .....

I discovered this item at our local Sunday Markets & only just by the skin of my teeth because I had just paid all of $ 4 for this beauty and another lady almost ripped it out of my hand ... You gotta be quick at the markets !! 

I have the perfect place for this in my room and I have seen the perfect oil painting to go on it .... just hope the oil is still at the shop where I saw it. It was only after buying this easel that I am now convinced to buy the oil painting to go on it .... so stay tuned and fingers crossed .

My Next Project

I cant wait to restore these little cute pieces.
The table was $ 1 & the chair ( labelled Ikea ) was $ 2  at the local flea market.                  
The chair doesnt need much work just a good clean with some sugar soap.
My intention for the table will be as a little side coffee table.
I'm undecided as to whether to give it a white wash & let a little green shine through subtly or maybe do a  decoupage top with some sheet music and a vanish ......
any other suggestions ???

Other Sunday Bargains

These are some of my other purchases and freebies from last weekend. 

$ 1 Scrapbooking Lot

Free Fire Shovel

Free Silver Candle Holder

$ 2 Madison & French Glass Vase

20 c Photo Frame

Free Blue & White Ceramic Bowl
So I have to say that was a very successful weekend !! 




Mandi said...

Wow some great finds - I can't believe that little table and chair. What a bargain!
To be honest with you I think I'd paint it bright red LOL but that's probably not for everyone and would depend on your home decor ;)

Mandi said...

Oh - maybe red IS for your, after reading your previous post ;) hehe