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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome Aquisitions

Being new to the "Life of a Blogger" and having viewed hundreds of blogs in the last few days, I decided it was time to approach op shopping with new eyes.
There are probably half a dozen op shops / thrift shops in the metropolitan area within a few streets of each other, so with cash in hand, it was time to investigate, and to my surprise after spending a mere $ 8.80, I was thrilled with my new aquisitions.

At home, I am having a red phase at the moment and thanks to my Best Bargain today, this is now my favourite corner of the living room.
Made of  a heavy metal, the label underneath declares it is originally from IKEA.
I already had the red shade from a previous venture costing all of 50c which I had shelved till I found the right base, and here it is :
                         Favourite & Bargain Buy LampBase .... $  1.99
I absolutely love it  & cant believe it was sitting there just waiting for me to walk in & buy.


                         Other Bits & Pieces      
                 I have always loved old things .... like vintage or antique pieces but having a modern home I never was brave enough to mix it with old world treasures. Here are just a few pieces I have picked up today to make a home for. Too cute & cheap to leave shelved in an op shop ...... 

Cognac Balloon Glasses 20c each

Crystal Cut (presumably) Glass Bowl with Lid 
$ 1.50

Brand new Coffee / Spice Grinder
$ 2.00


  Hartsteingut  Jug  ( German ) 
 $  2.50

So a good op shopping day and all under $ 10 ....
Gotta love Awesome Aquisitions !

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