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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Place for Everything

Finally managed to pop some pics up of a few of my finds all now nicely in their place....

This is a gorgeous oil painting I had aquired from a secondhand shop recently.. 
 I love the gold frame and how perfect sits on the easel I had shown in a previous post.
The artist is Robert Lai - someone I have never heard of and cant find anything about on the internet.. shame because I'de love him to know how much I love his painting.
You may also notice the green decanter and glasses in the next picture ... I found these at Canningvale Flea Market in Perth... 1920's vintage i think.

Unfortunately as I rent,  I am not allowed to paint & can only hang one hook per room pretty much, which doesnt leave alot of scope for decorating.
Given that, however this hasnt turned out too bad so far .

The Green Room


Finished Flea Finds

Some scrapbooking paper I found for $1 made cute tags for baskets in the office.
Hurricane Lamp I showed at an earlier post with the cute little free digger, and speaking of Diggers, today is ANZAC day so I'de like to leave my post by thanking all those Fallen Soldiers who didnt leave theirs.

Today We Remember 
     Lest We Forget    


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