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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lost in Translation

Explaining to my friends about the elation of finding something totally bizarre is actually quite humorous. Some of them think I'm completely insane & the others are certain I am, but doesnt every household need their own old wooden toboggan ???

I have absolutely no idea of how it arrived in sunny Western Australia & by what means, or why for that matter ? The only information was that it was originally from Canada & its old ?? How old  is the question ?? Now snowfall in WA is a rather rare occurance, unless you live very south west in towns such as Albany or Pemberton, thou having spotted its beautiful 70" lines of smooth, worn, characteristic timber from across the carpark at a flea market, it was sold on eye contact, snow or no snow.

A little TLC will see the timber glow. A single bedhead or a bed itself could easily be a nice repurpose idea. Sideways as an interesting shelf attached to a wall ??  and then there's the obvious .... surely Santa would like to borrow it ??
I'm fairly sure, once restored, it will become part of an eclectic corner in my home to become a conversation piece to entertain my visitors .

I think my passion for thrifting often becomes "Lost in Translation".  Some people simply  just dont get it & have limited vision ..... 
but I believe that treasure wants to be found, so crusade on I will !

Same Day Finds

 After the buzz of the sled, I wondered what further finds the day would bring. 
In no time at all, my car was full to the brim.
A lovely way to spend a sunny Easter Sunday morning.
Much better for the hips than chocolate bunnies !!
Tim Winton
Favourite Author & Western Australian Treasure  

 Vintage Tool Box


Some Greenery
I only wanted the baskets but some days
for $1 you have to take the lot !

A Little Box - I Luv Boxes

A mini easel

Little White Ikea Bowl
Little Pink Tin Bucket

  Curbside Find


Have a Happy Week Everyone

Next Sunday is Mother's Day ...

I hope my boys remember to get their own brekky !!

Best wishes to all the Wonderful Mothers of the World, especially mine  !!


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