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Friday, March 25, 2011

From the Curb to the Counter

For many years I have totally neglected my own passion for recreating & redecorating because I felt my youngest child needed my undivided attention at home and because I am terribly impatient so didnt want to start something I couldnt finish. Now my youngest is in fulltime school I have reconnected with the curbside, op shops & charity stores & have been pleasantly surprised that there is still great finds to be had. 
The last few days I have been scouring stores & come to the realization that I wish I had bought a utility truck instead of a 2 door sports coupe (well almost truthfully) but its amazing what you can squeeze in the boot if you want something bad enough.
Here is my first mini project with items I found on my travels. Although these are incredibly simple refurbs its been enough to rekindle an old love of restoration.
                                            Simply  Red                        

            Before                                                              After

 Both stools are now groovy red & fluffy and were resprayed in a gloss black finish.

A great spot for the boys for breaky :) 


Every Home Needs a Little Green

         Before                                                                  After  

Its often the simplest things that make all the difference

Ms V   x

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