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Friday, November 4, 2011

Market Madness

I am convinced that getting out of bed on a Sunday morning, before the sun is up, is absolute madness.  I struggle to remove myself from that blissful horizontal position called bed every other day of the week, so how can I manage it on a Sunday morning ???
Maybe its Market Madness. Endorphins and other little neurotransmitters that give me that buzz when I finally find a bargain. Madness is  rife in our market goers. I have seen grown women argue over a 50c blouse, children with one elephant ear each only to almost pull poor Dumbo apart, and men bartering a seller down to save a mere 20 cents. On days I have ventured to the markets as a seller I have been almost set upon like a swarm of bees while trying to unload my car. 
Could markets be addictive?

Do we really need the items we buy or are we just after the feeling of a              
Bargain Rush ? 

These few items below definately gave me a moment of pleasure 
@ $ 1 or less .......

I love glass jars 

and wooden boxes .....

Of all sizes  &  ages

even  my 5 year old cant say no to anything musical 

So get out of bed sleepy head and get down to your markets this Sunday

and discover your own

 Market Madness

Ms V x

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