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Monday, August 8, 2011

Back in Action & Time to Cull

It has been almost a month since I have looked at my blog page. So much has happened in the last month I still feel like I am living in July. Sickness has been rife in my family, and I spent 6 full days flat on my back in bed with the flu, not to mention the last 3 weeks Ive been coughing non stop. Normally I am in my element in winter. It has always been my most favourite time of the year. This year I am getting a little over it though. Constant raining means the painting projects I have half done cant get finished and I am becoming ever so frustrated with stock piles of garage sale items that sit in the garage where my car should be. Local markets have been empty on Sunday mornings thanks to the cold and rain so alas I wait a little longer and hope for some sunshine. 

Yesterday I had my first car accident in over 20 years. Thankfully no one was injured given I had 3 kids in my car . The other party has insurance ( as do I ) to cover the damage being it was their fault. Just a little inconvenient being without a car. Always a bright side being that no one was hurt.

This week I am endeavouring to cull . Kids clothes, paperwork, sort pics on the computer, generally just get a little more organised. After being so sick myself, followed by sick children to care for, things have gotten a little on top of me around the house. I am without a camera at the moment while I am waiting for my new one to be delivered. I bought myself a Fujifilm S4000 Digital Camera after my toddler dropped and smashed my Samsung. Luckily it was old and only a cheapie but I decided an upgrade was long overdue.  
The FujiFilm S4000 has a huge 30x super long zoom telephoto lens  together with all the features including 720p HD video recording. I really wanted a Canon but the $ 1500 minimum price difference I cant justify paying when I am only an amateur photographer and have little time to learn how to be a professional !
This camera looks the part even if it doesnt have the same pricetag as the Canon.

As soon as this little ripper arrives in at my door I'll be clicking like a cricket to get pictures on ebay and a few other classified sites to cull this house. I am an avid thrift shopper but once I start to feel I am drowning in stuff its time to declutter and move things out.
Sadly back in June my father-in-law, Drew, who I'de previously blogged about, passed away.
He, too, was somewhat of a hoarder but on a small scale. Nanny has been wanting to clear out some of his treasure from his shed. Although she refers to it as junk there may well be some handy things that he would have wanted to pass down to the grandkids, like his tools or fishing gear, so this is another job I should get onto sometime this week for her.

Finally this week, I am also going to start major planning for my up n coming trip to Melbourne.
I need to arrange a hire car & some accommodation along the way and map out our intended route driving to Sydney. I cant wait. A girlie week is long over due & what better way than to Thelma & Louise it from Melbourne to Sydney doing a little op shopping along the way.

I really must get culling if I am going to be bringing more stuff home !!!

A Culling I will go ..... A culling I will go 

Ms  V  xx


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