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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays' Fab Finds

It's been a great week for finds and I have had huge inspiration to get thrifting thanks to all the couples on The Block ... Last week was Second Hand week and the couples had the challenge of creating their room with using only second hand items. I would have been in my element,  as were Josh and Jenna who won Bedroom 2 with their talent for using all things thrifty. Take a look here. So my creative juices are once again flowing thanks to this show and I have almost finished the long suffering buffet I have been working on for what seems like months. I am hoping to have it completely bowled over by the end of the week & then will have the difficult decision as to whether to keep her or sell her. Remind me next time not to take on a project like this in winter.

Friday thrifting can be very hit and miss. Today was a slamdunk ... check out this table ... Isnt she a beauty?  Better still the price included delivery !!

Big Old Solid Table

Lovely Legs
 I was recently reading one of my favourite blogs Red Hen Home who transformed an old table into a masterpiece by adding some french detail to the top. Sadly I dont have an overhead projector & with lousy freehand I'm not sure Im brave enough to take it on, but I really saw this table in a whole different light after being inspired by 
Red Hen Home's French Chocolate work of art.  

Here are a few other bits & pieces I couldnt leave behind

Nickle Silver Thimble

Apron ... great fabric potential !

Nice Glass Jar

Anchor Hocking Bowl USA Made

Chipfree Cut Glass Bowl

3  Jars

 19th Century Picture Frame ARCO
Birmingham England Stamping

Silk Painting possibly Chinese  
 I love the colours & the fact it is an original & not a printed copy.
I will try to investigate the artists mark below thou not sure where to start
given I cant read Chinese !
So thats the fun over for another week.

  Happy Thrifting

Ms V   x


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

That table is seriously gorgeous! Check with your local schools to see if they are either having a surplus sale this summer, or will lend an overhead projector! Thanks for linking back.


I loved each of you finds. Great job,

Lisa xx