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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to Western Australia - There's No Place Like Home !

Welcome to Western Australia. Travelling about 45 minutes south of Perth is a not so little place , now a City, known as Mandurah. Settled by an Englishman, Thomas Peel around 1830,  the first people known to have inhabited this area were Aboriginal people of the Bibbulmun Nation. The area then was known as Mandjar , meaning meeting place, as it was a great area for fishing and where people would gather.
Some of the original settlers buildings are dotted around Mandurah preserved by heritage listing and a reminder of those who lived here before us.

Mandurah nowadays is an abundance of luxurious canal homes many of which have their own boats to enjoy crabbing & cruising the waterways. Bottle nose Dolphins are often seen in the estuary.
Once primarily a tourist destination, Mandurah, now in 2011, has become easily accessable to Perth via the freeways and is now a largely populated city in excess of 80,000 people.

So Mandurah is the place I call home and if anyone would like a little more info, be sure to check out Mandurah WA  because as Dorothy would say There's No Place Like Home !

 Till next time,

      Ms  V    xx 

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