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Monday, June 27, 2011

South for the Weekend

Not often do I get a kid or work free weekend ... I had to take full advantage and get out of town for the weekend ... Woohoo !!!!   My friend, Lynda and I decided to head south to her property in Boyup Brook, almost 300 kms south of Perth. 


Gorgeous little cottage with rolling hills in the background & thank goodness for the open fire and loads of wood ... its freezing down south this time of year.....

Lynda, like me, is partial to a  little op shopping so first stop was Donnybrook, where we loaded up on morning tea at the local bakery. 

 Donnybrook is approx 200 km south of Perth and is renown for being the largest apple producing area in Western Australia.  
What is it with me & apples ???
My last post had reference to New York City (The Big Apple) and here I am in the SouthWest &  I'm seeing apples again ... an omen  ????

After a yummy Sausage Roll & Vanilla Slice, we popped into one of the local op shops to check out Donnybrook's bargains. Our original plan was to head to Bridgetown for an Antique & Collectable Fair & silly me forgot to take something along for a free appraisal.
Making a beeline for the Bric A Brac section I took a quick glance around while Lynda tried on a warm scarf. I was completely gobsmacked when I noticed in the back corner of the shelf sat a EPNS ( Electro-plated Nickle Silver ) Glass Cut Biscuit Barrel with a price tag of  $ 4 .  Well I was in awe, what a find ... even better I knew I had a wonderful little piece to take to the Fair to be appraised.  Grabbing a few more bits and pieces along the way I headed for the counter and the shop assistant announced " It's half price day !!"
Are you serious , I thought, $ 2 for a Vintage Biscuit Barrel ....
It really is a great day !!

Isnt it lovely ???     Any suggestions on age ???
The Underside of the Lid showing EPNS mark

Bridgetown Antique & Collectable Fair here we come.


Being a freezing weekend down south,  I think kept a few dealers away from the fair because it really wasnt a big turn out for displays compared to some I have seen in other years or towns. However I was very happy to say I found an almost identical decanter to the depression green one I have at home and this was in a lovely pale pink & way cheaper than my green one.

Vintage Pink Decanter

Vintage Green Decanter & Glasses
                                      Another one of my purchases from the same
                                                  Op Shop was this item below. 
                                        I 'm thinking it is an aluminium camping pot               
                                             but as it has no lid it is hard to be sure.                            
                                         Its similar to a pot my grandmother would sit
                                             on her knee while stringing her beans

                                                  Does anyone know what this is ????

On the way home we stopped at other towns along the way such as Collie & Waroona. 
If you are ever in the Waroona area, check out the most stunningly organised, well stocked, amazing Antique & Collectables store in WA go to
I could have spent hours in this store  
It is truly amazing & the largest collection of MoorCroft Collections I have ever seen.

So a nice weekend was had by us girls, driving, chatting, junk food, thrifting ...
Our only downfall was completely forgetting the wine !!!
OMG who does that ??

For those of you dying to find out the appraisal on my Bargain Biscuit Barrel 
the Valuer said it would probably fetch anything from $ 65 AUD to the right collector.

Not bad for a $ 2  op shop buy !!

Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did  :)

Ms  V   xx


Anonymous said...

OMG you had me with your thrifty finds in this post and then I quickly scroll down the page and find more fabulous are a woman after my own heart - I love op shopping!!

I've been planning a girl's weekend away for ages but have kept putting in on the back have just reignited the desire to just do it, and never having been further south than Bunbury I am dying to check out what the oppies further down have to offer :)


V @ Invaluable Valuables said...

Go do it Tammi ... there's some great little stores out in the south west. I cant wait till my Sept holidays when Im driving from Melbourne to Sydney through Gippsland in search of op shop treasures... I might need a pretty big suitcase !