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Friday, May 20, 2011

For The Birds

Today I have decided to show you around my home, well its not mine, but I call it home.
Sadly 18 months ago I finally succumbed to selling my home due to separation. This has taken me a long time to come to terms with , being a house I designed, built, decorated passionately & brought up our children in for over 10 years, so it was with huge regret we had to sell. I always said renting was for the birds. Now I live in a rental property.                                         Famous Last Words ... 
Its a brick & tile,  large 4 x 2 with a separate office & play room for the boys & a huge paved yard only a street from their school.One of my best girlfriends lives over the road with her hubby & 3 children so its not all bad now I am getting used to the move. I think the most difficult for me personally is living with rules of renting... such as not being able to paint the walls, having vertical blinds which I hate & freaking out if a plant dies or if my kids put a hand print on the walls. Now any of my friends will tell you I am so fussy you could eat of my floor & my kids wouldnt dare draw on walls etc for fear of my rath , so personally I think I am a dream tenant. Shocked I was yesterday when my real estate agent commented on the house inspection by saying....   "It Went Well ! "......... Could I consider this praise ??? Well I guess ?? maybe ??  I might have preferred " The Owners will be thrilled you keep their property so nice " or  " Thank you for keeping the home so beautiful & paying your rent before its due date " .... I got " It Went Well " . Not even a comment on the hours spent in the garden.  I was rather deflated to say the least.
So what do you think ?? Am I being too hard on my agent expecting her to feather my nest a little ??? 
                                               Brutally Honest Comments Welcome

                                                          Dining  Room

Loving The Bird Cage

Bird Cage Wall Decals - so easy & so cheep !!!

Chair - an Op Shop Find ...
I think its groovy with the red cushion

Cute little table - as shown in my previous blog

 Moving around the room a little more

My CD Cupboard ... I Love Music 
The Beaded Lamp and The Crystal Cut Bowl were also op shop finds

Brilliant Books & My Beautiful Boy !

Tea Anyone ?


On Sunday at the local market I picked up a neat little stand for my hanging bird. 
I didnt want him in the cage where I couldnt admire him.  

50 c  flea market purchase

Respray done

For The Birds  !!

Just Hanging Around !

Sweet Tweet

Feel free to leave me comments  &  please rejoin my blog.
For some bizarre reason my followers all dropped off the face of the earth !
Such an enjoyable pastime blogging, yet so frustrating some days.

Big hugs 

Ms V  xx


luffyo7 said...

Above and beyond a model tenant! Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home decor! Just found your blog and glad I did.